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Bed Bugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects up to 4 to 5 mm Long or the size of an apple seed. Swollen and reddish after a blood meal.

Behaviour & Habits

Bed Bugs only feed on blood. Under cool conditions, bed bugs have been able to survive up to a year without a meal. They prefer to be more active at night when the host is sleep.

Bed Bugs are found in cracks and crevices, including mattress seams, sheets, furniture, electrical outlet plates and picture frames. Often found in hotels, where they can travel from room to room and in visitors’ luggage or other personal belongings such as purses and briefcases.


Females can deposit one to five eggs a day and may lay 200 to 500 eggs in a Bed Bug’s lifetime. Under normal room temperatures and with an adequate food supply, they can live for more than 300 days.

Signs of Infestation

Seeing the Bugs : Adult bed bugs are about the shape and size of an apple seed.

Case Skins : As the juvenile bugs grow, they shed their skins, discovery of which can indicate their presence.

Defecation : After feeding, bed bugs return to their harbourage to hide where they defecate black to brown stains on porous surfaces or black to brown mounds on nonporous surfaces.

Bites : Also may indicate bed bugs activity but further signs will need to be found, since other sources can cause red welts on the skin.

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